How To Avoid Becoming One Of The Growing Number Of Millennials Filing For Bankruptcy

  • Do you have student debt running into the tens of thousands?
  • Does it feel impossible to repay your school debt without financial help from your parents or taking on loans?
  • Do you rely on credit cards to cover your daily living expenses?
  • Do you turn to payday loans to get by month to month?
  • Do you find yourself spending money on costly gym memberships and expensive cell phone plans?
  • Do you save little to no money on a monthly basis?
  • Are your savings for retirement or life’s unforeseen emergencies at zero?

Tip #1. Skip the designer coffee.

Tip #2. Don’t go for those expensive gym memberships.

Tip #3. Ease off the IG-worthy foodie experiences — and takeout.

Tip #4. Take a pass on the most expensive, latest model smartphone.

Tip #5. Contact a Licensed Insolvency Trustee.

Contact a Licensed Insolvency Trustee Today



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Adamson & Associates, Inc.

Adamson & Associates, Inc.

Licensed Insolvency Trustee. Experts in bankruptcy, consumer proposals, credit counselling, and other debt solutions in Ontario.