Eating Healthy on a Budget

1. Revamp Your Protein Regimen With Leaner Sources

  • Chicken breast
  • Nuts
  • Eggs
  • Dried beans
  • Non-fried fish
  • Greek yogurt
  • Tofu

2. Set Up a Protein Plan

  • Make lentil burgers or black bean burgers
  • Skip the food truck at lunchtime and pack a tuna sandwich on whole grain bread instead
  • Have a salad and add nuts or low-sodium cheese
  • Add leftover chicken to a salad for dinner
  • Add hard-boiled eggs to a salad
  • Find a good recipe for bean soup
  • Choose lean ground beef, lean ham, lean pork

3. Learn to Cook and Enjoy Whole Foods

  • Don’t buy pre-made food items and snacks
  • Gather a collection of good recipes for frugal cooking
  • Shop for fresh veggies and fruit, so there’s always a healthy snack option in the house
  • Hunt for large, economy-sized bags of greens that can be eaten in smoothies, steamed, or eaten fresh in a salad — spinach comes to mind
  • Choose sweet potatoes instead of the usual white variety
  • Look for deals on frozen veggies and fruit — you get just as much nutrition, and they won’t go bad so fast

4. Eat at Home More Often

5. Learn What to Order When Eating Out

6. Create a Personalised Budget That Fits Your Lifestyle



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